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Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble! Once again, HQIS geared up to celebrate Halloween, one of the most exciting and colorful festivals held every October at our school. On Friday, October 28th, students came to school dressed as ghosts, zombies, witches, monsters, vampires, superheroes, and many other colorful (and bizarre!) characters for the traditional Halloween parades that were held on the school playground.

Halloween Celebration-0663.jpg

Every corner of the school has been decorated with scary yet extraordinary handmade crafts such as Jack-O-Lanterns, paper bats, spider webs, witches, monsters, and much more.

Halloween Celebration-0849.jpg


Along with the traditional costume parades, students of each grade enjoyed themselves through an entire day filled with a lot of spooky activities: scary movies, games, trick o’ treating, music, class parties, and last but not least, the hair-raising, super terrifying Haunted House, carefully prepared by our teach… Uh, by our dedicated team of monsters, demons, and vampires!

Halloween Celebration-0943.jpg

What an unforgettable Halloween here at HQIS! Special thanks go to our leadership, teachers, and staff for their hard work and support while preparing for this traditional celebration. And thank you dear students for your joyful spookiness and creativity, it is you who make the annual Halloween celebration so unique and fun.

Halloween Celebration-0621.jpg

Happy Halloween everyone! And… Best witches!

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